Add E-mail Forwarder

An E-mail forwarder helps to forward a copy of an incoming email to another E-mail Address / Addresses.

Suppose the E-mail address is, then you need to take the following steps.

1. Go to (A person who wants to configure will enter You will get the following screen.

2. Enter the E-mail address ( as the User name.

3. Enter the E-mail address Password.

4. Click OK. This will open the Email Main page as shown below:

5. Now click on Forwarding Options.

Image #5

6. Click on the button Add Forwarder.

Image #6

7. Enter an E-mail address where you want a copy of your incomming emails to automatically get forwarded (

8. Click Add Forwarder.

Image #7

9. E-mail Forwarder Added!

10. Now Click on HOME or Go Back Link to go to the Email Main page.