Create and Insert Signature

1. Click Tools > Options >Mail Format tab > Signature button. This will open the Signatures and Stationery dialog box.

2. Click the New button, give your signature a name and then in the text area, type / design your signature. To change fonts or font sizes, add bold or italics etc, simply use the buttons and drop down boxes above the text area. Click Save when you are finished.

3. You can set up more than one signature if you like (with different names). Simply click New button, name your new signature, and type / design your new signature.

4. You can set the default signatures for new messages, or replies and forwards by using the Choose default signature section. You can select 2 different signatures for New messages and Replies/forwards if you wish. This can be done for each E-mail account created in Office Outlook. You can also choose none in Choose default signature section for the respective E-mail account if you do not wish to add a signature by default to the message.

5. Henceforth when you create a message or reply/forward, you can insert the signature (if no default signature has been setup for the E-mail account) by going to Insert tab > Signature dropdown and selecting the signature. Also if you want to change the current signature of the message, just select another signature in the Signature dropdown.